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Infrastructure buildings Pilbara

Datos de Proyecto

Ubicación: Pilbara, Australia

Walls height: 1 m - 3.6 m
Duration: 8 weeks


  • Construction of the shaft walls, sewers and bottom slabs
  • Quickly understood and with little training
  • Small-sized applications in civil engineering
  • Ground slabs monolithically concreted in 1.5 day cycles
  • Restricted access, limited crane access and strict deadlines


Monford Group, Australia

Beneficios para el cliente

  • Simple assembly logic
  • Increased efficiency with optimized team capacity and reduced man hours by 50%
  • The low weight of the system makes both crane and scaffolding unnecessary
  • The trained formwork craftsmen can focus on those areas where more complex forms have to be carpentered
  • Cost savings for the construction project
  • Reduces the users’ risk of injury
Declan White, Gerente, Grupo Monford, Australia
Declan White

PERI DUO is an environmentally friendly, lightweight formwork system by means of which we were able to increase our productivity. It offers numerous advantages: the low weight reduces crane costs and the users’ risk of injury. The easy assembly results in enhanced efficiency and ensures a better construction site result.

Solución PERI

  • Utilization of PERI DUO, an environmentally friendly, lightweight formwork system
  • DUO Brackets and guardrail posts together with a supplementary timber construction are used to build safe working platforms and accesses.

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