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Saglemi Housing Project

Datos de Proyecto

Ubicación: Prampram, Ghana

The Saglemi Housing Project includes the realization of around 5,000 residential units. In the first phase of construction, 180 apartment blocks comprised of over 1,500 flats were built within a very short time.


  • Creating affordable housing space in a short period of time
  • 3-floor buildings with 6 to 9 apartments with living space ranging from 40 m² to 85 m²
  • 12 cm thick concrete walls and slabs


Constructora OAS Ghana Ltd

Beneficios para el cliente

  • More regular 3-day cycle, two complete floors per day
  • Shorter familiarization phase and accelerated construction process with the support of PERI experts
  • Project-oriented pre-assembled UNO aluminum panels can be mounted without using a crane
  • A hammer and a SW19 wrench are enough for connecting the elements with the UNO wall coupler and for anchoring them
  • Time-saving UNO tie technology which can be operated from one side
  • Lightweight UNO elements and few different individual parts make handling and logistics easier
Fabio Luis Toldo, Project Manager, Constructora OAS Ghana Ltd
Fabio Luis Toldo
Project Manager

We opted for the UNO Formwork because the system is simple to use and very user-friendly. After a very short time, the floors could be concreted in regular 3-day cycles; as a result, we are able to stay ahead of the originally planned monthly schedule.

Solución PERI

  • Realization of the buildings with UNO housing formwork with monolithic in-situ concrete construction method
  • 6 UNO formwork sets designed for 3 different floorplan types
  • Formwork planning and production are always carried out individually adjusted to the according building geometry
  • Window and door box-outs as well as beams are integrated in the PERI solution
  • PERI makes it possible to concrete a complete floor with 12 cm thick concrete walls and slabs in one pour

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