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Generali Tower

Datos de Proyecto

Ubicación: Milan, Italia

  • 170 m high administration building owned by the Generali Insurance Group at Milan´s Piazza Tre Torri
  • 44 storeys elegantly wind their way upwards
  • Floor slabs revolve around the centrally-positioned core of the high-rise building
  • Architect: Zaha Hadid


  • Complex building geometry due to the twistedly-arranged floors
  • Complicated core ground plan with circular and angular external walls as well as slender internal walls
  • External walls of the core taper in 15 cm increments from a massive 90 cm at the base to a much thinner 30 cm in the upper floors
  • Changing slab geometry from storey to storey with 32 cm thick floor slabs


C.M.B. Carpi (General Contractor)
Ricca Costruzioni S.p.A. (Sub-Contractor Shell Construction)

Beneficios para el cliente

  • Construction of standard floors in spite of the complicated building geometry in continuous weekly cycles
  • Accelerated construction progress through an increased feeling of safety as well as remaining wind and weather-independent
  • Finishing ahead of the originally planned schedule by a full three months
  • Completion of the shell construction in only 17 months
Picture of Alfio Musumeci (Production Manager) and Tommaso Salvo (Site Manager) | C.M.B. Carpi
Alfio Musumeci | Tommaso Salvo
Production Manager | Site Manager

Our aim is to always find the right balance between technology and economy. Together with the PERI engineers, we developed the best way to realize the tower at the right price. Ultimately, we were able to complete the required building work in advance of the contractual construction period – to the great satisfaction of our client.

Solución PERI

  • Project-specific execution solution with consistently safe and therefore fast working sequences
  • Interplay of perfectly matched formwork and scaffolding solutions on the basis of a well thought-out safety concept
  • Combined climbing formwork solution for the core of the high-rise building, gap-free enclosure for the top floors as well as anti-fall protection for finishing work operations